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2017 Winning Photos


Photo by: Mohamed Kamal, Egypt

Hot air balloons flying over Luxor, Egypt.

Technology & Grand Prize

Photo by: Judith Hermetter, Great Britain

This Malawian girl is learning to read her language, Chichewa, on a tablet at her own pace.

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Literacy is crucial: A girl who can read has much better chances to be healthy and part of the economy, with the positive effects carrying on from one generation to the next. The Malawian Government has adopted a tablet-based initiative for numeracy and literacy, with the plan of rolling it out to every primary school in the country. The current education system in Malawi faces a lot of challenges: An average class size of 100+ children, very limited textbooks and other learning materials, and an acute lack of teachers. Technology has the potential of being transformational – it can provide personalized quality education in a cost-efficient and scalable way.

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Photo by: Joshua Wanyama, Kenya

Evening falls over Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi. Nairobi accounts for 60% of the Kenyan economy, and is the regional headquarters of various global organizations.

2016 Winning Photos


Photo by: Esdore Hakizimana, Rwanda.

This solar power industry, situated in the 20 miles east Kigali, Rwanda, has a capacity of 10 megawatts. The energy it produces powers nearly 1500 homes. The solar farm has had a large impact on the people of Rwanda.

Technology & Grand Prize

Photo by: Stephen Simiyu, Kenya.

JUNA, UGANDA (Source of the Nile River): For more than 20 years. Mr. Atika’s fishing business on Lake Victoria has helped him provide his family with a comfortable life. Now they have joined the global digital world.


Photo by: Henry Oliver Hakulandaba, Zimbabwe

Western side of Harare CBD, just after rush hour.

2015 Winning Photos


Photo by: Ahmed A Osman, 22 years old, Kenya.

Wheat fields in Narok embody the rapid growth of Africa’s agriculture sector, playing a critical role in the improved lives of farmers.

Technology & Grand Prize

Photo by: Mohsen Taha, 28 years old, Uganda.

The Digital Age: Everyone from rural to urban areas in Uganda can now afford to have a mobile phone. Photographer’s 1-year-old son uses a mobile phone during a blackout


Photo by: Carlos Aguiar, 30 years old, Angola.

A city striving forward: Urban developments in Luanda, Angola.